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Autumn in Maryland

50s at dawn,

the morning rain

dribble dribble drops

creating puddles on the sidewalk

(a lake to the minuscule creatures

that reside within the lawn).

The animals press their faces against the windows.

No one wants out except the children

eager to splash,

impervious to the cold.

70s at midday

The leaves are transforming:

greens, orange, and browns

against the backdrop of an overcast sky

(a spectrum of muted reds

under a gray filter)

mirrored by the shrinking puddles.

Wide as an outstretched hand, as small as nails,

trees shed their leaves

a makeshift raft for the sidewalk lake.

60s in the evening,

The rain returns

dribble dribble drops

The sidewalk puddle, littered with leaves

surrounded by lawn creatures

flows into a canal down the gutters.

Inside, the children watch the rain

with the animals, pressing their faces

against the window pane

And mimic the dribble dribble dribble drops.


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