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By the Power of Faith

Maggie only had one seizure today. She only had one yesterday, too. She had six the day before. Now that she’s fully weaned off of the Keppra, I wonder whether this weekend was a fluke or a hopeful sign of things to come. She typically has three to five per day now.

Whether it is or not, I have faith. I pray that she will continue to show improvements. I pray that she will continue to learn and grow. I pray that Maggie will be okay in the end, whatever that may look like.

We went to the park today, and all Maggie wanted to do at first was swing. She‘d lean back, stare up at the overcast sky, and she looked more at peace swinging with her head dangling back than she had in a while. Every now and then, she’d shake her head back and forth. Sometimes vigorously. Sometimes a slow sway. When she does that, she closes her eyes and imagine that she’s dancing like Ray Charles at the piano. She’d shoo me away when I offered to take her out. She wanted to sway, to swing, and shake her head to the music in her mind.

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in God’s awesome power and strength. I pray that God gives power and strength to my little girl. I pray that she can shake off what ails her and relieve her from the torment of seizures. I thank everyone who keeps Maggie in your prayers. I thank God for Maggie’s healing. Thank you.


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