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COVID Halloween Plans

Since we moved to Annapolis in July, COVID has still impacted our lives. We have not really made local friends and we’ve maintained social distancing when we’re out in public, including at parks. We do take COVID seriously, especially because Maggie is high risk. A minor fever from a common cold could send her to the emergency room with cluster seizures. Who knows how COVID would impact her, and we don’t want to find out.

As a family, we still want to celebrate holidays. We still want to plan for things and get excited about upcoming events. Instead of large family gatherings, our planning is intimately small, just two adults, two children, and three tagalong animals, for whatever festivity.

Which brings me to our next celebration: Halloween.

Our new neighborhood is littered with evidence of children. During our walks, we can see play sets in backyards, Baby On Board and stick people family stickers on car windows, bikes and other toys sometimes carelessly scattered on front yards. I crave adult interactions and I’m sure my children would love to play with others. But we don’t. The risk is too high for us so we limit our interactions to friendly waves from afar. Although we’ll have candy ready for Trick or Treaters who may knock on our door, our family will not be trick or treating, at least not this year.

I still bought costumes for the girls. Hazel in particular emphatically requested this year’s theme: Frozen. Maggie, our silent ice princess, will be Elsa, adorned with a flowing white blond wig and pale blue gown decorated with snowflakes. Hazel, our bubbly talker, will be Anna, regally dressed as Queen, with her own ginger red wig. Practicality in mind, I bought costumes that may be a little big this year, but should fit perfectly for the next. Surely, next year we would be able to trick or treat the neighborhood and I’m sure Hazel’s infatuation with Frozen will continue for another year or two.

As for our Halloween activities, we will continue a Halloween tradition that was the start of our family’s love story. You see, my first date with Andy, was on Halloween.

We shared Dickey’s BBQ and binge-watched The Simpson’s “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween specials in Andy’s bachelor apartment. We’re both long-time Simpsons fans. But it wasn’t a date, then it was, then it wasn’t. Andy was a friend from work, a person I enjoyed hanging out with but had mentally “friend-zoned” because I didn’t want workplace complications. Besides, I wasn’t sure if he liked me in that way. We talked for hours, laughed at the show, enjoyed the brisket and sides, and in my mind, I hopscotched back and forth between two possibilities. It’s a date. It’s not a date. It’s a date. It’s not a date.

The hours rolled on, the episodes continued to stream, and finally, around 1-something, I said, “It’s late, I gotta go.” He walked me to my car, hugged me goodbye, then kissed me on my lips. That first kiss was magic. In that kiss, at 1-something in the morning on November 1st, 2015, I knew that I had found my match, my soul mate. He pulled back and I could see in his eyes that he knew it too.

So for Halloween this year, we will binge-watch The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween specials, hand out candy to neighborhood children who brave the block, wear our costumes (Andy and I will re-wear our Mother of the Wild One/Father of the Wild One shirts from Maggie’s Where the Wild Things Are birthday party), eat Texas-style BBQ brisket, and share our first family love story to our daughters.


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