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DIY Devotional


When I first moved to Dallas from Seattle in 2013, I was in a spiritually low place. I moved in with my brother and felt lost. I wasn’t sure what my next steps should be, vocationally, emotionally, and spiritually. I don’t want to get into the details, but it was probably the worst phase of my life. What helped me heal from the pain of loss and confusion was my Bible. I would read it daily, multiple times a day, looking for guidance about my next move. I created my first DIY devotional and I use it to this day during my meditation and prayers.

There are countless devotional books in the market, geared for different genders, ages, and stages. I suppose these are fine, but I never got into a manufactured devotional. These books, often with a daily memory verse and paragraph explanation about a particular topic, didn’t necessarily speak to me. They didn’t address the emotions I was struggling to process or the practicality of how to be or what to do. In short, I found devotionals to be lacking the personal touch that would truly help me with me.

As I independently read and studied my Bible, I would write verses on index cards that spoke to me. I kept these index cards initially wrapped with a rubber band and when I would sit to pray and meditate, I would pull these cards out and reread the verses. I would think of the message of these lines, closing my eyes, and listening with every deep breath. I found clarity and resolve. I found guidance and purpose. In time, I built up a collection of cards, all of whom deeply impressed themselves into my heart and spiritual practice.

I took an old photo album and used it to store the cards. Instead of haphazardly flipping through index cards like I was studying for a theology test, I would flip through the album. Sometimes, I would open the album at random and read the verse that came up.

My first devotional album has long since been filled, and now, I need a new blank album to reflect this chapter of my life. The struggles I went through in 2013 are a world’s apart from those I experience today. Now, I would want to create a devotional album that would help me raise my children, support my husband, find my voice in my SAHM role, and whatever other challenges God sees fit to present my life. What I do today is write verses in my planner that reflect what’s going on from daily or weekly perspective. When I feel shaky, lost, or confused, I use my DIY devotional and my Bible to guide my path. When my girls are old enough to write, I’ll share with them my devotional and help them create their own.


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