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Happy Birthday, Magnolia Martha the Magnificent!

Dear Maggie,

My beautiful winter baby, Magnolia Martha the Magnificent, you turn four years old today. Baby girl, your birthday may be small this year, but that’s okay. You will top off your birthday dinner of keto shrimp tacos with a keto chocolate cupcake and get to play with your new birthday toys. We will sing and celebrate as a family, just the four of us. When you are older and you make new friends at school, we will throw you and your sister parties to celebrate each passing birthday. We celebrate you for being here and our love will continue to grow every year.

For your birthday, Daddy and I got you a rug. It’s a rug of race tracks and imagination, where you can play with your new cars and trucks. These days, you’re all about cars and trucks. On Thursdays, you watch out of the window, fascinated by the garbage trucks and how they work. When we walk to the minivan, you want to touch and play with the tires, sometimes peering under the car. I wonder what you’re thinking. I think you’re studying it, but that’s all I can figure so far. You play with your wagon in the backyard more upside-down than its intended use. Wheels go round and round. Round and round. You always seem at peace, watching the wheels go round and round, again and again.

You are my groundhog baby. What do you think, snow princess? Will the snow stop soon? Will winter go on and on? Can you feel it? What do you feel? Today on your fourth birthday, we are buried in snow. The snow continues to fall and like the wheels, you are enthralled with flurrying fractals, sugar plum snowflakes dancing in the wind.

I will never forget the day you came into the world. Daddy was right next to me the whole time and he watched you enter this world and take your first breath. When the nurses placed you on my chest, we were both overcome with instinct. Minutes old and you crawled for your first meal, then slept warm and secure on my chest.

For your first birthday, we threw you a party. It was a Dr. Seuss theme. We used books as decorations, dressed you in a beautiful dress patterned after “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” and served a spread inspired by other titles like green eggs and ham and hop on popcorn. For your first birthday, you cried. If you could talk, you’d say “It’s my birthday and I can cry if I want to.”

For your second birthday, I just rocked you. Pobrecita, you had the flu and so we skipped the party. You weren’t up for it. That’s okay, too. Sometimes, your body will tell you what you need and that year, all you needed for your birthday was mommy snuggles.

For your third birthday, we went all out. We themed your party after “Where The Wild Things Are” and dressed you in a crown, white footie pajamas, and a foxtail. You were and still are a wild thing. We rented a bounce house, invited friends and family, and we spent a beautiful afternoon in our Texas backyard bouncing and playing. We celebrated you and you loved it.

And now, for your fourth birthday, we are going to stay warm. We’ll eat, play, sing, and dance. We will have a party of four, celebrating you, my beautiful firstborn.

We love you with everything we have within us, from the bottoms of hearts to the depth of bones. We love your adventurous spirit and your curiosity. We love you and today, we celebrate you.

Happy birthday, my beautiful Magnolia Martha the Magnificent.


Mommy (and Daddy and Hazel)


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