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Hazel’s Adventure Through the iPhone Lens

Mommy left her phone in the front pocket of her purse and she seemed to forget that I can reach it when the purse is hanging from the banister. I love to play with Mommy’s phone, especially when she hasn’t noticed yet. She takes it away because she doesn’t want me to make phone calls or change settings. Once, I gave it back to her and all the words were German! I don’t know what I did, but Mommy was distracted for a good thirty minutes after that trying to find English. How do you find English or German? I don’t know what that means, and many things I hear, I don’t understand, but I think I will one day so I keep listening.

My favorite thing to do with Mommy’s phone is take pictures. The world seems so much more interesting through the lens of Mommy’s iPhone. I can see things closer. I touch the screen in different ways to change the shot. Pinch makes things closer and if I pull my fingers apart, it all seems so much further away.

I prefer up close.

When I look at the bedding, I see waves. I see the ocean, like the pictures in my story books or like the way the water looked when Mommy took me and sister to see Chesapeake Bay. Folded inside the duvet, I find a face staring back at me. “Hi!” I say, and wave to my new friend.

“Hazel, what are you doing, baby?” Mommy calls out from the playroom. She’s sitting with Maggie stacking blocks.

“Nooo!!!” I shout back, vigorously shaking my head. “Nah!”

“Are you being good?” Mommy asks.

“Yes, thank you!” I shout back.

Mommy tries to teach me the difference between inside voices and outside voices. Inside voices are soft and low while outside voices are loud. I like to be loud. It tickles my throat when I say things loud and everyone watches me. But I remember I don’t want anyone to watch me right now because I don’t want Mommy to take away the phone.

“Thank you,” I whisper to the phone and move on to my next subject.

A subject, Mommy explained, is what you’re taking pictures or writing about. I take a picture of the floor. Ernie and Indigo Girl are lying on the floor. If I frame the shot, Indigo Girl doesn’t have a head. No head! That’s silly. How can you not have a head? I don’t know so I move on.

Khaleesi is hiding behind the bean bag chair on the pink pillows. Going into the playroom is a risk, because Mommy is here with sister, so I watch them. Mommy looks at me, looks at the phone. I stick the phone inside my pants, in my diaper as Mommy watches. “Yea!” I say.

“Yea, what baby?” Mommy asks.

“I love you,” I say.

“I love you, too,” Mommy says. Mommy turns back to Maggie, while watching me. She didn’t see the phone!

“Yea!” I whisper to my diaper. I look at Mommy as I reach in my diaper.

“Baby, do you need a new diaper?” Mommy asks.

“Nooo!!!” I shout back, vigorously shaking my head. “Nah!”

“Okay, if you say so,” Mommy says. She’s smiling, but I don’t know why. I turn my back to her and pull out the phone.

“Hi!” I say to Khaleesi. She looks up at me. Sometimes, she doesn’t like when I come up by myself because I’m still learning how to pet nice. She stays and I take pictures of her.

“Hi!” Mommy says, over my shoulder. “Thank you!” She pulled the phone out of my hand from behind.

“Nooo!!!” I shout back, vigorously shaking my head. “I want! I want!” I start to cry. Mommy smiles.

“Do you want to take more pictures another day?” Mommy asks.

I sniffle. “Yes, please.”

“Well, if you do, you need to stop crying when I take the phone away. If you cry when I take it away, you won’t get to play with it anymore. Why don’t you go play with something else.”

“Okay, Mommy.”

“What do you say now?”

“Thank you!” I shout as loud as I can.

“You’re welcome, baby.”


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