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Hazelnut Goes to the Grocery Store

I don’t want to sit in the shopping cart anymore! Mommy and I usually go grocery shopping after dropping off Maggie because Mommy says it’s more convenient. I don’t know what that word means, but if we go after picking up Maggie, there are a lot more people in the store, in the parking lot, sometimes there are more cars and the lines are so much longer! I guess we go early because it’s easier, but I still don’t know what Mommy means when she says mornings are more “convenient.”

Mommy tried to put me in the kid seat of the shopping cart and I screamed. “Nooo!!!” I kicked. I cried. Mommy just stared at me. Why isn’t she putting me down? Instead, she holds me with her hands under my armpits with her lips pressed together. What is she doing?

“Are you done?” Mommy asked.

“Nooo!!!” I kicked. I cried. Mommy continued to stare at me. People stared at us. Mommy ignored them. Mommy doesn’t care when people stare at us if I scream. Finally, I stopped.

“Are you done?” Mommy asked again.

“Uh-huh,” I said. Mommy was still holding me under my arms and away from her like she does when I have what she calls a “loaded diaper.” I don’t know what that means either.

“I’m going to give you a choice,” Mommy said. “You can sit in Mommy’s cart, or you can push your cart.”

I could push my cart? Really? I didn’t think twice. “Mine! Mine!”

“Okay,” Mommy said. “Here are the rules. You stay with Mommy. You do not put anything in your cart that Mommy hasn’t given you. If you break these rules, you ride in Mommy’s cart. Okay?”


There was a little cart just my size! I was so excited to push it. “Remember the rules,” Mommy reminded me.

We visited a section Mommy called the “produce” section. It was full of fruits and vegetables. I saw lots of the things that I love to eat. I ran to the blueberries and raspberries and grabbed a package of each.

Mommy came up behind me. “What were the rules?” she asked.

Oh yeah, I thought. I gave them to Mommy. She nodded. “Thank you, baby. Yes, we need more berries. You can put them in your cart now.”

“Yay!!!” I shouted.

“Baby girl, we practice our inside voice when we’re inside. Can we practice our inside voice?”

“Yay,” I whispered.

“You can be a little louder, just not too loud. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

“Perfect! That’s exactly right, baby. Let’s keep going.”

Mommy explained how fruits and vegetables are important in our diet. They have vitamins, minerals, and other properties that help our bodies grow strong. She said it’s good to eat a rainbow of foods. I think rainbows are pretty. We talked about the colors of the rainbow and bought fruits and vegetables for each color.

Red: Tomatoes, red bell pepper, raspberries, and apples

Orange: Clementines (like baby oranges) and carrots

Yellow: Bananas and spaghetti squash

Green: (This was the most!) Broccoli, asparagus, green beans, and green pepper

Blue: Blueberries

Purple: Eggplant

White: Onions

Brown: Potatoes

“Let’s say the colors of the rainbow again,” Mommy said. “Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple,” I said along with Mommy as best as I could. As we picked out our fruits and vegetables, Mommy let me put some in my cart and some in hers.

We went through the store, buying more food. We bought some chicken and ground beef for cooking. We bought my favorite drink! Milk.

“I want!” I said.

“You can have milk when we get home,” Mommy said.


We went up and down the aisles. Mommy said she didn’t want to forget anything. Sometimes, we found something, and Mommy would give it to me to put in my cart, so I did. I stayed next to Mommy the whole time.

When we were done, we went to the self-checkout line and Mommy said I could help us check out. My job was to give Mommy the foods in my cart so she can run it in the scanner. She even let me scan a couple of things, but only things with a bunch of lines. Mommy said that’s called a barcode. Mommy put in her card, we put the bags back in the cart. Mommy said they all need to go in the big cart because we were leaving. I pushed my cart back to where I found it and let Mommy carry me back to the car. She knew I didn’t want to go into the cart without asking.

It was so much fun helping to buy food!


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