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Slumber Sisters Snuggles

We finished reading The Grumpy Ladybug

for the eighth time in a row and the grumpy

Mama Ladybug said, “Enough! It’s time to sleep!

It’s time to sleep, so croons the grumpy ladybugs!”

They fidgeted and fussed, these pair of ladybugs,

flailing their arms, flicking their wings, and tugging on ears

until finally, lady slumber overpowered them both.

I waited, pinned down between them until the snores

were as deep as a chasm, the rhythmic ins and outs

of two breaths as one. I wiggled jiggled my way

from underneath their sleeping bodies as they

reached for me and found each other.

My grumpy ladybugs slept, breathing together,

bonding together in slumber sisters snuggles.

When their eyes opened and saw one another

with Mama Ladybug watching overhead,

for a semi-conscious moment, they smiled and breathed.

Then the grumpy ladybugs revived, fidgeting, fussing,

flailing, then shoving, both tugging and reaching

while pushing away. Sisters snuggles reserved for slumber

for now.


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